Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

As a general dentist, Dr. Medina is qualified as well as experienced to diagnose and treat dental infections with RCT. One has to understand that RCT—the procedure itself—is not painful. Most patients associate RCT with pain because it requires dealing directly with the infected teeth. However, it is the infection that causes pain and not the procedure. RCT is an attempt to save an infected tooth. The infection is usually treated with a week-long antibiotic therapy and an hour-long of chair side treatment. Dr. Medina is equipped with the latest RCT technology to complete the procedure within the hour. However, in rare cases, if Dr.Medina feels that the patient requires the attention of a specialist, he won’t hesitate to refer the patient to an endodontist. Dr. Medina always bears in mind the patient’s well-being and presents the best possible option available to the patient.