About Dr. Benjamin Medina

With over eighteen years of practice in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Benjamin Medina is well-known in New York City.  His clinic provides a whole array of services including orthodontics, Invisalign® (the breakthrough teeth-straightening alternative to braces), periodontics, endodontics, prosthetics, oral surgery, root canal therapy and cosmetic procedures such as veneers, whitening and Botox. He is licensed by The International Academy of Facial Aesthetics.

His unique background from both Western and Eastern dental schools—a degree with honors in dentistry (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from New York University and a degree from Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines—enriches Dr. Medina with a more wholesome medical/dental philosophy. He takes his Hippocratic oath to heart and to work everyday, answering all his patient’s queries with care and ensuring that they understand all medical and financial options available to them.

A number of patients travel from outside of NYC to receive annual Botox treatments from Dr. Medina. Even with his clinic handling around 10-15 patients a day, the wait time for the next available appointment is less than a week. The friendly and helpful staff at the office is also available round-the-clock to book emergency appointments to be handled by Dr. Medina.

As an extension of his philosophy, Dr. Medina gives as much importance to his relationship with patients as his technical skills as a dentist. He offers the latest medical treatments and stays updated on technological advancements, but does not shy away from advising his patients to simply brush and floss regularly, if that is all they need. The services are priced to make quality healthcare affordable to many.

For his 18 years of conscientious experience, Dr. Medina is a surprisingly young, energetic, and a personable doctor, making dentist visits a happy affair. Yeah, happy and dentist visits can go together. We promise you that.