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Dr. Medina is amazing. That he's incredible at what he does is only a part of it. (But a huge part—I was abroad for a while and saw a dentist there. Her words: "Whoever works on your teeth knows what he's doing.") So friendly, so professional, so efficient, so attentive. (The same goes for his staff.) You never have to wait, you're treated like a friend, and the work is top-notch. He'll be straight with you about what's a priority and what can wait; he'll be flexible about payment; he'll talk to you like a human being, and take the time to explain what's what in words a non-specialist can understand. I think of Dr. Medina as a gift from the cosmos after God only knows how many sub-par operators, both in terms of skill and bedside manner. In brief, he rocks.

Boris F.

Dr. Medina is a great dentist. I went in with a lot of questions and just wanted a consultation about where I should go with my teeth. I had seen the same dentist for seventeen years and was worried about changing. Dr. Medina took his time with me and even asked me several times if I had any more questions. He showed me photos, gave me ideas, and made me feel very relaxed. I would highly recommend Dr. Medina. The office is clean and professional looking. The staff are very professional and friendly.

John L.

Dr. Medina was super nice and didn't make me feel guilty that I hadn't been to the dentist in six years, and was reassuring when I told him how terrified I was to experience any sort of pain whatsoever.  Even though I was clearly being annoying by asking him a million questions every time he went to do anything in my mouth, he answered them, and responded whenever I told him something hurt or was uncomfortable.  My treatment was great and I know I'm not the easiest patient, so I am very happy.

Jennifer K.

I am totally neurotic and have an awful time getting numb, but Dr. Medina is always patient and makes sure he gives me enough to keep me comfortable. His hours are when the real world can get to the dentist, not 10-5 like many, which I appreciate since I have a lot of work to do. Great personality and sense of humor—which is rare with a dentist!

Ronni Dobkin

I live in San Francisco and I actually fly to New York to get Botox injections from Dr. Medina. He is absolutely the best! The very first time I got Botox was with Dr. Medina and I was very nervous. He calmed me down right away by explaining everything. He was patient, professional, and painless. And the results are amazing! His office staff and assistants are also extremely professional as well as very friendly. He also always takes me right on time. Dr. Medina is so good at what he does that he is worth the trip across the country; if you live in New York you are so lucky because he is right there!

Penelope Herman

Dr. Medina has been my dentist for six years and I have to say he's one of the best! From the first day I stepped in his office he made me feel so comfortable and well cared for. His demeanor as well as the staff’s is always warm and pleasant. I've referred quite a few people to Dr. Medina and they all had great experiences as well. He has a gentle and steady hand when you're in his chair. He never makes you feel rushed; however, you aren't in his offices forever. Unlike some offices, you're never made to wait for long after your appointment time. I just can't say enough good things about him. If you live in the the five boroughs or surrounding areas and need a good dentist, Dr. Medina is your man.

Lucy Welsing