If you are worried about facial wrinkles and are thinking about doing something about it, Botox treatment might be the answer. Dr. Medina has been trained and licensed by the Academy of Facial Aesthetics to do Botox and fillers. Botox is a very simple procedure which consist of a series of injections using an insulin syringe. Dr. Medina is very particular with using a fresh mix of materials and using just the right amount of botox appropriate for each patient. His knowledge of head and neck anatomy and his high degree of comfort level in giving injections makes him very qualified to do this procedure.

Although, he tends to give the minimum amount necessary just to make you feel refreshed as opposed to making you look like a plastic doll with a permanently surprised expression. As a standard office procedure, a patient is always seen two weeks later for an evaluation, since it takes two weeks for the material to kick in, and at that stage it will be determined whether or not the patient needs a “retouch” or just another appointment 6 months later. Botox can also be used for treatment of several conditions like excessive sweating, migraine headaches, and jaw clenching. Dr. Medina feels that the knowledge of head and neck anatomy, and the acquired dexterity and skill of giving injections is crucial to performing this procedure, and this makes dentists the best candidates to do this.